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For details of fees or to arrange a consultation lesson, please send Tyrone an e-mail using the form on the Contact page.  

Tyrone offers teaching of piano, organ, voice, and theory with a 100% success rate for students' examinations. The premise that music should be as enjoyable to learn and perform as possible is at the forefront of Tyrone's teaching. No two pupils are the same, and thus no two lessons should be the same either! Having been teaching for many years, Tyrone works as an individual instrumental teacher, a vocal coach (including musical theatre), and animateur for his instruments and classical music in general in both school settings and privately. Previously in London, UK, Tyrone was Head of Music at Elmhurst Independent School for Boys and now continues his work as an educator and  animateur in the United States.


Tyrone holds the Licentiateship Diploma of Trinity College, London (LTCL) in Instrumental and Vocal Teaching passed with high Distinction. Tyrone’s keen interest in the psychology and physiology surrounding learning and preparation as well as the performance of music allows his students to stay engaged and encouraged whilst being assured of a well-prepared and thorough approach to each lesson. Tyrone's Arts and Humanities Research Council-funded Postgraduate Diploma at the Royal College of Music included extensive study of effective teaching and learning strategies. 

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